Co - Artist - Kaushik, Narasimharaju, Sahukar Janaki

Director - P. V. Babu

Producer - Udaya Productions

Music Director - L. Malleshwara Rao

"'BHAGYODAYA' Was the launching film. ""Bommasandra Srinivasiah Suryanarayana Muthy"" was renamed as Uday Kumar. The film was produced by Udaya productions. It was social film and had Smt.Shahukar Janaki. this very famous super Heroine still remembers her ease in performing with the hero UdayKumar."

Daiva Sankalpa

Co - Artist - Balakrishna, Master Hirannaiah, Rajkumari, H.P.Saroja, Lakshmidevi

Director - M. B. Ganesh

Producer - Mahatma Pictures

Music Director - P. Shamanna

Daiva Sankalpa


Co - Artist - Honnappa Bhagavatar, Sarojadevi, Balakrishna, Narasimharaju

Director - K. Vembu

Producer - Lalithakala Films

Music Director - Honnappa Bhagavatar

Pancharathna' - A Honnappa Baghavathar Starer film in Shivapurana's backdrop had Uday Kumar in his first mythological character 'Shiva'


Bettada Kalla

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Mynavathi, Nagendra Rao, Ramadevi

Director - Subbaiah Naidu

Producer - Pakshiraja Productions

Music Director - Subbaiah Naidu

Bettadakalla' - A Dual heros story had kalarathna kalyana kumar as his co-star Director Sri.Subbaiah Naidu (Late Sri Lokesh's father) appreciated UdayKumar for his spontaneous reactions he decided while playing the character.

Premada Puthri (National Award for best feature film in Kannada)

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Sandhya, Sriranjini, Suryakala, R.Nagendra Rao

Director - R. Nagendra Rao

Producer - R.N.R.Productions

Music Director - Padmanabha Shastri, Vijaya Bhaskar

"Pramadaputhri" - National award winner film best regional feature film produced and directed by RNR had a equivalent role with Kalyankumar.

Rathnagiri Rahasya

Co - Artist - Jamuna, T.R.Ramachandran, B.R.Panthulu, M.V.Rajamma

Director - B. R. Panthulu

Producer - Padmini Pictures

Music Director - T.G.Lingappa

RATHNAGIRI RAHASYA' was the first super hit block buster, remembered and recorded for certain first attempts, It was the first south Indian film shot in forest backdrop. A 'beast' like tarzan was the lead role. The character had shades of a beast and refined cultural person. This was successfully project by Udayji. Padmashri Ganeshan played the same role in Tamil version and shot simultaneously. Action scenes played by Udayji was higher appreciated and retained in Tamil version also as per the desire of Sri. Shivaji Ganeshan. Smt.Jamuna was the Heroine in both versions.


Co - Artist - Suryakala, Narasimharaju

Director - Chandramohan

Producer - Venkateshwara Productions

Music Director - P.Shamanna

"""Vardakshine"". Sri. Shankar Singh ( Mathathma / Venkateshwara Productions) Had Planned this project in 1955 was searching for a performer in the lead role. He watched a drama of ""Sri Gubbi Chenna Basaveshwara Nataka Mandali in Mysore Camp. B S Suryanarayana Murthy who was performing the lead role in the drama of that night as the hero. Mrs. Singh approached Sri Veeranna ji and took his consent and advanced a token amount. The film was shot for few days. But for unforseen reasons the production got delayed. Sri. Kanagal Prabhakara shastry ji approached, accepted and lead B S Suryanarayanaand murthy to the film industry and 'Bagyodaya' got an oppertunities to become the first film released in udayji's carreer."


School Master (First Kannada Silver Jubilee film)

Co - Artist - B.R.Panthulu, M.V.Rajamma, Sahukar Janaki, Shivajiganeshan, B.Sarojadevi

Director - B. R. Panthulu

Producer - Padmini Pictures

Music Director - T.G.Lingappa

School Master' Land mark is kannada film Industries. Produced and Directed by Sri B R Panthula was the first Silver Jublee kannada film. Udayji had Padmasri Shivaji Ganeshan as his co-star. The film is a Mile stone. This Film was remade into Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.

Bhakta Prahlada

Co - Artist - Subbaiah Naidu, Lokesh, Ashwath, Leelavathi, Lakshmibai

Director - M .S.Subbaiah Naidu & HS.Krishnaswamy

Producer - S.S.S.Nataka Mandali

Music Director - L.Malleshwara Rao

Bhakthaprahlada' second Mythological Cinema. Udayji played as 'Hiranyaksha' very expressive and loud way of performing demon's character. M S Subbaiah Naidu played in the lead role of "Hiranyakashyapa"

Mane Thumbida Hennu

Co - Artist - Adhoni Lakshmidevi, Lalitha Rao, Balakrishna, Narasimharaju

Director - B. Vittalacharya

Producer - Vittal Productions

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Manrethunside Hannu"

Yengal Kutumbam Perissu (Tamil)

Co - Artist - Panthulu, M.V.Rajamma

Director - B.R.Panthulu

Producer - Padmini Pictures

Music Director - T.G.Lingappa

"Yengal Kudumsam Perisu"

Sengotai Singam (Tamil)

Co - Artist - Pushpalatha, M.R.Radha, Anandan, Veerappan P.S

Director - V.N.Reddy

Producer - Devar Films

Music Director - K.V.Mahadevan

SENGOTAI SINGAM' under the very famous banner of south India 'Devar Films'. Story line of most of the films produced by MMA chinnappa Devar were based on the relationship of animals and human. Uday Kumar was applauded for his daring performance, fights, thrillers in this film.


Mahishasura Mardini

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Sahukar Janaki, Sandhya, Ashwath, Ganapati Bhat

Director - B. S. Ranga

Producer - Vikram Productions

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Mahishasura Mardini" 3rd Mythological film. First time 2 super stars and pillers of kannada film feternity contacted together as father (UK) and son (Dr Raj). Smt Sandya (Mother of Kum. Jayalakshmi chief minister - Super Star of yestur years) was paired with udayji.

Manege Banda Mahalakshmi

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, G.V.Iyer, Mynavati, Ramadevi

Director - B.V.Acharya Govindaiah

Producer - Manjunath Productions

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Manege Banda Mahalakshmi"

Veer Bhaskaradu (Telugu)

Co - Artist - Relangi, Rajanala, Kannamba

Director - Kadaru Nagabhushanam

Producer - S.Hanumanth Rao

Music Director - Chi. Udaya Shankar.

"Veera Bhaskarudu" the first Telgu film of Udayji's starer floklore.


Shivalinga Sakshi

Co - Artist - Ashwath, Pratima Devi

Director - Shankar Singh

Producer - Venkateshwara Productions

Music Director - P.Kalinga Rao

"Shivalinga Saakshi"

Ranadheera Kanteerava

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi Balakrishna, Sandhya, Narasimharaju, Nagendra Rao, Ashwath, G.V.Iyer

Director - N.C. Rajan

Producer - Kannada Chalanchitra Kalavidhara Sangha

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"RANADHEERA KANTEERAVA" - A Historical cinema in mysore vodeyars backdrop. Udayji played as a dance master - Natyaacharya. Smt. Leelavathi was the co-star and always quotes that she was to feel afraid delivering her lines and used to keep silence at time of takes. Udayji used to encourage his co-artist to come out of personal fealings and to consider themselves as characters only and not artists.

Bhakta Kanakadasa - National Award

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Krishnakumari, H.R.Shastry

Director - Y. R. Swamy

Producer - Shyam Prasad Movies

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Bhaktha Kanakadasa" - National award recepient cinema Udayji played the character of krishnakumari's (Heroine) father, who opposes Kanakadaasa. shade of the character takes a change over to a soft shade after realisation.


Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Krishnakumari, Leelavathi, Narasimharaju, Rajashankar

Director - G.V.Iyer

Producer - Vikram Productions

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Dhashavathara" a mythological Film. Where UdayKumar played in three different roles of 'Somakasura(A Demon) Anjaneya and Kamsa (Demon king) in 3 different episode of this Epic.

Yanai Pagan (Tamil)

Co - Artist - B.Sarojadevi, P.S.Veerappan

Director - M. A. Thirumugham

Producer - Devar Films

Music Director - K.V. Mahadevan

"YANAI PAGAN (TAMIL) " - Second Super hit film of Udayji as a hero under the banner Devar films. Smt. B Sarojadevi and P S Veerappa were on the top of tamil films as heroine and villain. They were asthonished and appreciated the natural flow & Language, actions and daringness in enacting major scenes with tamed elephant.

Ivan Avanethan

Co - Artist - Raja Sulochana

Director - T. G. Rajan

Producer - K.R.Films

Music Director - G.Ramanath

Ivan Avanedan


Raja Satyavrata

Co - Artist - Pratimadevi, Balakrishna, Dikki Madhava Rao

Director - D. Shankar Singh

Producer - Parijata Films

Music Director - M.Venkataraju

"Raja Sathya vratha" - A mythology based film udayji played the title role with Smt. Prathima Devi she still recalls uday's Co-operation, friendlyness simplicity while on the shooting sets.

Sri Sitarama Kalyanam (Telugu)

Co - Artist - Dr.N.T.Ramarao, Sarojaedevi,V.Nagaiay, Kantarao Harinath

Director - N.Trivikrama Rao

Producer - National Art Theatre

Music Director - Gali Panchala, Narasimha Rao

"Sri Seetha Ramakalyanam" NTR, the legend of south India Films choosen udayji identifying his historonics Udayji played the role of Kumbakarna the demon brother of 'Ravana' - played by the telugu star actor NTR. He used address udaji as "Thammudu" (Younger Brother in Telugu).

Vijayanagarada Veeraputhra

Co - Artist - Sudharshan, Sarojadevi, R.Nagendra Rao

Director - R. Nagendra Rao

Producer - R.N.R.Productions

Music Director - M.S.Vishwanathan, Ramamurthy

"Vijayanagarada Veerapeethra" had historical backdrop of Sri Krishnadevaraya. Though the film had great appearance of Uday Kumar in Sri Krishnadeva Raya's role was an electrifying performance. Smt. B Sarojadevi, Sri Sudharshan who was the co-stars of the film remember his peerlers appearance in many of their Interviews.

Kannu Teradu Nodu

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Balakrishna, Narasimharaju

Director - T.V.Singh Rakur

Producer - Arunachalam Studio

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Kanu Theradu Nodu"



Co - Artist - Dwarakesh, MP Shankar, Rajasri, Leelavathi, Harini

Director - Hunsur Krishnamurthy

Producer - Evergreen Productions

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Rathnamanjari" - The first dual role played by uday having 2 different types of roles of twin brothers. A folklore film directed by Sri. Hunusur Krishna muthy had lot of trick shots in the film. Sword fight and action scenes were the entertainer points on which the film was a hit.

Gali Gopura

Co - Artist - Rnagendra Rao, Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Chandodi Leela, MV Rajamma, B.R.Pantulu

Director - B.R.Pantulu

Producer - Padini Pictures

Music Director - T.G.Lingappa

"Galigopura" - The first film of Kumar trio (Dr.Raj, Uday, Kalyan) were in the cast. But there was no common scenes to be played by three super stars of kannada.


Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Kalyankumar, Leelavathi

Director - SP Gopalakrishna, G V Iyer,

Producer - Ananthlakshmi Pictures

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"BHOODAANA" - One more milestone of kannada film Industry. One and the only film the kumar trio played keyroles with Dr.Leelavathi in the lead role. The cinema is still a remarkable film majorly became the kumar trio has shown there talents and played their character so professional that they never competed eachother but supported mutually so strongly to show inherent talent on the screen. perfect watching this cinema is like lecture or textbook attending reading on cinema to learn action even today.

Karuneye Kutumbada Kannu

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Adhoni Lakshmidevi, Rajsri, Chi.Sadashivaiah

Director - T.V.Singh Takur

Producer - Shylasri Productions

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"karuneye Kutumbada Kannu"

Thayi Karulu

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Narasimharaju,, MV Rajamma, Vandana, Leelavathi, Papamma, Balakrishna

Director - G. V. Iyer

Producer - G.V.Iyer Productions

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Thayi Kavulu" - Story of 2 brothers played by uday & Kalyan as heros. Stom of a charming and handsome brother hating his ugly faced good natured brother. Uday played as handsome guy who realises the goodness of his brother in the climax.

Mahatma Kabir

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Krishnakumari

Director - Arur Pattabi

Producer - Sarvodaya Productions

Music Director - Anusuyadevi

"maharathna Kasir" - Negative shaded character played by uday who terouses the characters kasir in the film. Ultimatly the negative character will get a realisation.

Vidhi Vilasa

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi

Director - S. V. Mahesh - Bhagvan

Producer - Murugan Productions

Music Director - T.Padman


Swarna Gowri

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Krishnakumari, Rajsri

Director - Y.R.Swamy

Producer - Shyam Prasad Movies

Music Director - M.Venkataraju

"Swarna Gowri"

Nanda Deepa - National Award

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Narasimharaju, Ashwath, Harini

Director - M. R. Vittal

Producer - Bharati Chitra

Music Director - M.Venkataraju

"Nandaa Deepa" - One more Nation award winner for regional film. Uday played as opportunity brother who marries the daughter of rich. He meets his sister in the house of rich as his second wife. The Character did not desire expose his identity to restore the possision. Tzermoil filled scenes of brother & sister played by Uday & Leelavathi. Dr. Raj in an Important role.


Santa Tukaram - National Award

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Rajasri, Sundarrao Nadkarni

Director - Sundarao Nadkarni

Producer - Ganesh Prasad Movies

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Santha Theekaram" - National Award rfor bset regional feature film of Kannada udayji played " Chathrapathi Shivaji's role. He respected shivaji, Sushas, Raana Prathap, Bhagathi Smg and many more who fought for the nation, since his childhood . When an oppertunities knocked his door to play his dreamrole he had given his best and made the performance evergreen. This is the only films in kannada protraid in shivaji's character - Life.

Lawyer Magalu

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Vandana, Balakrishna

Director - G.V.Iyer

Producer - G.V.Iyer Productions

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

Lawayer Magalu

Malli Maduve

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Sahukar Janaki, Balakrishna, Chi.Sadashivaiah

Director - G. R. Nathan

Producer - Jupiter Movies

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Malli Maduve" - Two close friends un knowingly involves on a plated murder and strong hard to prove their innocence and beome successful in the climax two parelled hero roles played by Uday & Dru Raj. Smt Shahukar Janaki in the female dead.

Kalitaru Henne

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Balakrishna, Nagendra Rao, Ashwath, Narasimharaju, Hanumanthachar

Director - N.C.Rajan

Producer - Ganesh Chitra

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Kalithara Henne" - Co-star and comedian Sri. T.N. Balakrishna's Own banner Production.

Bevu Bella

Co - Artist - Rajashankar, Leelavathi, Narasimharaju, Balakrishna

Director - Jambulingam

Producer - Bhargava Productions

Music Director - P.S.Diwakar

"Bevu Bella" - A rich spoiled guy with a sophislicated life style played by uday. Rajashankar & Leelavathi in lead roles.

Veera Kesari (Partly colour film)

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Papamma, Rajasri, Shastri

Director - B.Vittala Acharya

Producer - Rajalakshmi Productions

Music Director - Ghantasala

"VEERAKESARI" - Milestone, Landmark, all time superhit focklore film. It has collected minimum revenue every time the film got released and re- released. There are certain film goers who has witnessed this film every time what got released. The film is famous few scenes shot in between two character of hero and negative hero played by Dru Raj and uday for a perfect co-ordination between extremly talented artist the scenes are still populars remembered as 'Mirror shot'(Scene), Tossing scene. The first party colour film (2nd halls heed Drs. Leelavathi is the female lead Balakrishna and Narasimharaju is comic roles.

Mana Mechidha Madadhi

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Narasimharaju, Ashwath, Balakrishna

Director - Ku.Ra.Sitaram Shastry

Producer - Sarvamangala Productions

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Mana Mecchida Madadi" - Uady played father of Leelavtahi - A rich man with I go and pride ill treats his son in law played by Dr. Raj. The body language natural reaction and dailogues delivery of uday's character are the highlights.


Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Krishnakumari, Rajasri

Director - N. S. Varma

Producer - H.M.Baba Productions

Music Director - Mvenkataraju Chalapati

"Chandrakumara" Udaykumar as hero played the title role. Krishnakumari the female paired with Uday dru. Raj played father of heroine who challenges the fate(Urdhi) and ultimates surrender himself for fate in the cinema.

Jenu Goodu

Co - Artist - Ashwath, Pandaribai, G.V.Shivaraj, Jayanthi

Director - Y.R.Swamy

Producer - Sri Saraswathi Chitra

Music Director - Vijaya Krishnamurthy


Sri Ramanjaneya Yuddha

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Chandrakala, Adhoni Lakshmidevi, Jayanthi, Pandari Bai

Director - M. S. Nayak

Producer - Amruthkala Productions

Music Director - Sathyam

"Sri Ramanjaneya Yuddha" - Very important, remarkable and "jey book" like film for learing of actions. Dr Raj remarked in his states repeated that while having the combination scenes with himself as rama and Uday as anjaneya he used to forget to delar. her lines cause he was watching Udayji playing & Anjaneya to his heights with extreme involvement. Udayji's Personally loved and attachment" "Love tim" Character he has excellexd the character his highly definable body language.


Chandavalliya Thota, National Award, Best Actor Award - Filmfare

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Jayanthi, Adhoni Lakshmidevi, Balakrishna, Jayasri, Shanthamma, R.Rao, Ashwath, Narayan

Director - T. V. Singh Thakur

Producer - Pals & Company

Music Director - T.G.Lingappa

"Chandavalliya Thota" - A feature film of Uday which defined calibre grace and carreer best performed role as Shivananjeowda. He was just 31 Yrs old and played the deadrole of a man from the age 50 to 85 years with such perfection. He became a directions and performance was compared with shivaji, NTR, Dileepkumar eli of indian film history. Udayji was awarded with best actor film fare - 1964.


Co - Artist - Latha, Jayanthi

Director - T. V. Singh Thakur

Producer - Krishnodaya Chitra

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Kalaavathi" - A character of a Dance master. Despite his roburr , He learnt the dance and did the character so well proved that there is no boundaries for his acting abilities.

Amarashilpi Jakanachari (First Kannada colour film)

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Sarojadevi, V.Nagaiah, Harinath, Dhoolipali, Chi.Sadashivaiah, Narasimharaju, Ramadevi

Director - B. S. Ranga

Producer - Vikram Productions

Music Director - Rajeshwar Rao

"Amarashilpi Jakkanachari" - One more elevation to kannada film industry. The first fully colour cinema. Udayji played a lead role with negative touch as "Goohideva", Kalyan was in the head role - Smt B sarojadevi was the leading lady. Film is still remembered for quality secens, songs and values.

Shivagange Mahatme

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Harini, Rajasri, H.P.Saroja

Director - Govindaiah

Producer - Balakrishna Movies

Music Director - G.K.Raghu

Shiva Ganga Mahathme"

Muriyada Mane

Co - Artist -Dr.Rajkumar, Jayanthi, Vanisri, Narasimharaju, Balakrishna, Pandari Bai

Director - Y.R.Swami

Producer - Karnataka Productions

Music Director - Vijayakrishnamurthy

"Muriyada Mane"

Nandi (50th Film)

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Kalpana, Harini, Balakrishna, Vadhiraj

Director - N. Lakshminarayan

Producer - Bharati Chitra Films

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Nandi" - Green role was played by uday only to encourage the new experiment done by his friends Dr. Lakshminarayan and producers Harini and Vaadiraj.

Amarashilpi Jakkanna (Telugu)

Co - Artist - A.Nageshwara Rao, B.Sarojadevi, Harinath, Nagaiah

Director - B.S.Ranga

Producer - Vikram Productions

Music Director - Rajeshwar Rao

"Amara Shilpi Jakkanna" telugu superstar A.Nageshwara Rao was the hero of telgu versam shot simultaneuos by villan productions. Observing the grace & style of acting performed by uday ANR insisted that he only should do the same character in Telugu Versam also. The Character played by Udayji in Jakkanna was higher appreciated by telugu audience also.


Kavaleradu Kulavondu

Co - Artist - Kalpana, Jayanthi, Ramesh, Adhoni Lakshmidevi

Director - T. V. Singh Thakur

Producer - Shylasri Productions

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Kavalevadu Kulavondu" - A Successful Business with goofd family realtionship will be spoiled by money mongers (Played by Kalpana Balakrishna) A Good hearted brother played by ramesh will make is brother to understand the truth. Famous will re in the climax.


Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Sudharshan, Leelavathi

Director - B. S. Ranga

Producer - Vasanth Productions

Music Director - S.Hanumantha Rao

"Chandrahaasa" - Dhusta Buddi's Character played by udaykumar is a stamp of his style playing the negative dead. He is co-satred by tr. Raj Sudharshan, Leelavathi - Udayji body language, ferocious looks, deep way of ) the length dialogues with perfect pronounciation and metalic voice are the high lights of the character.

Sarvagna Murthy

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Harini, Mynavathi, Niranjan

Director - Arur Pattabhi

Producer - Niranjan Films

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Sarvagna Muthy"


Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Jayanthi, Leelavathi

Director - Y. R. Swamy

Producer - Suchitra Movies

Music Director - Vijaya Krishnamurthy

"Vaastalya" - Remake of Tamil superhit' Paashamalar' - Two lead roles played by shivaji ganeshan (Dr. Raj) Gemini Ganeshan (Uday) was the vittle points of the film Supported by Dr. Leelavathi paired with Uday. All the three played the melodrama scenes competators and proved their historics this is one more worth study" film for its perfect inter related - Inter dependant performance oriented films.

Satya Harishchandra - National Award

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Pandari Bai, Narasimharaju, MP Shankar

Director - Hunsur Krishnamurthy

Producer - Vijaya Productions

Music Director - Pendyala Nageshwara Rao

"SATHYA HARISHCHANDRA" - One most milestone not only to artist played in this film bat also an evergreen all time superhit film of kannada silver screen. A Speechless spell bound perform by all the artists, highly rhythmic meaning fall songs, dialogues and perfectly blended scenes. Hence fulm fans of such calibre film comments that "Harishchandra was not made - It happened especially uday's performance as "Vishwa mithra" is a "branded character". The Sanskrit mixed kannada dialogues with lengths, single shots- heavy scenes, excellent reactions and co-ordinates between great Artist Love Dr. Raj, Smt. Pandari Bai, Narasimharaju, M.P. Shankar, K.S. Aswath, Susbanna K.V. Etx. made the film a historical monument of kannada film history.

Balarajana Kathe

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Latha, B.Jayamma

Director - Venunatha

Producer - R.Y.C.Films

Music Director - S.Dakshinamurthy

"Balavajana Kathe"

Mahasati Anusuya

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Pandari Bai, Narasimharaju

Director - B.S.Ranga

Producer - Vikram Productions

Music Director - S.Hanumantha Rao

"Mahasathi Anusuya"

Veera Vikrama

Co - Artist - Leelavathi, Jayasri

Director - S. R. Rajan

Producer - Satish Productions

Music Director - T.V.Moti

"Veera Vikrama"

Ide Mahasudina

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Harini, Jayasri

Director - B. C. Srinivas

Producer - Shantha Films

Music Director - Nadahamsa B.Gopal

"Ide Mahaasudhina" - This film made Uday kumar as the producer. He had Probles story, Screenplay dialogues and songs. He has direction few scenec. He was very cruiousabout editing and learntediting from famous editors during the past decade. His multiple talents were experimented. He was a very serious students of film making the story demanded two make leads and he requir Dr.Raj to be the first lead and he played the second lead . All most top stars of kannada film took part in this film.

Bettada Huli

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Jayanthi, MP Shankar, Ashwath

Director - A. V. Sheshgiri Rao

Producer - Bhagavathi Productions

Music Director - T.G.Lingappa

"Bettada Huli" - A Social film Dr.Raj and Jayanthi in the lead roles. Udayji played a docoit leader. With a very different way & voice Culture, body language. This film had a secret story. Udayji met with an accident while playong few achun scenes for an earlier film. The Shooting was compecte. Bed rich Uday understood the problems of the producer. He asked them to drop him and replace him with some4 other artist. The producer- Director never want replacement and they with any to attend the shooting with his broken ancle. He planned the Characteristics and body language and still many may not the story behind the "Slaged Docoir of Bettadahuli".

Sati Savitri

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Krishnakumari

Director - P. R. Kaundinya

Producer - K.V.M.Productions

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Sathi Saavithri" - Mythology - Dr. Raj and Krishnakumara is the lead. Uday played as Yama Dharmaraaja" - Deep Metalic Voice, Perfectives in Sanskrit mixed Kannada Dialogue delivery. Wooden Expressions with tailor made body language was the highlights of character and cinema.

Miss Leelavathi - National Award

Co - Artist - Jayanthi, Ramesh, Ashwath, Narasimharaju

Director - M. R. Vittal

Producer - Kalajyothi

Music Director - R.Sudharshanam

"Miss Leelavathi" - National Award recepiant fulm. Regional language Kapinipathi a 'Cow faced tiger' - character played by uday defined negativr roles to the next calibre, intonalies of the dialogues delivery, subtee, controlled style of acting made him a verstole villain.

Madhuve Madi Nodu - National Award

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Narasimharaju

Director - Hunsur Krishnamurthy

Producer - Vijaya Productions

Music Director - Ghantasala

"Madhuve Madi Nodu" N.A.W


Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Harini

Director - P. S. Murthy

Producer - Chiranjeevi Films

Music Director - T.V.Moti


Patala Mohini

Co - Artist - B.M.Venkatesh, Pratimadevi, Vanisri, Narasimharaju, Balakrishna

Director - S.N.Singh

Producer - Mohini Productions

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Patala Mohini"


Mane Katti Nodu

Co - Artist - C.V.Shivashankar, Shobharani, Shantala

Director - Shri Sadguru

Producer - Tiptur Films

Music Director - R.Rathnam

"Mane kattinodu"

Mantralaya Mahatme

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Kalpana, Jayanthi

Director - T. V. Singh Thakur

Producer - Jagajyothi Films

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Manthralaya Mahathme" - Based on Sri Raghavendra Swamiji Life Sketch udayji played father & Raghavendra Swami though it was a small length character the impact as 'Veena Thimmanna Bhatta' in the film is ever remembering.

Kathari Veera

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Udaya chandrika, Balakrishna

Director - Y. R. Swamy

Producer - Saraswati Films

Music Director - Upendrakumar

"Katari Veera" - A stylish negative character played by uday stamped this style of playing such character. The sword fight horse riding and climax were the high lights of the role played in this film.

Bala Nagamma

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Kalpana, Rajasri, V.Nagaiah

Director - P. R. Kaundinya

Producer - Sanatana Kalamandira

Music Director - S.Rajeshwara Rao

"Baala Naagamma" - a folklore artist packed thriller. Kalpana in the title role. Udayji played as Mantravadi (Witch craft man). His performance compared with S.V. Ranga Rao a Vettaran artist of telugu & Tamil cinema He took a special intape while designing costumes - Hair style Etc.

Badukuva Daari

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Vandana, Jayalalitha, Narasimharaju, Balakrishna

Director - K. S. Prakash Rao

Producer - Balaram Pictures

Music Director - T.Chalapatirao

"badukuva Daari" - Remake of telugu super hit Brathuku Theravu. He played heroine Jayalalithas fatherrole. He has shown the Ego, supenion of rich people. Kalyanji was in the lead.

Deva Manava

Co - Artist - Vandana, Ashwath, Jayanthi, BV Radha, Adhoni Lakshmidevi

Director - C.P.Jambulingam

Producer - Dhanalakshmi Films

Music Director - Subbaiah Naidu

"Devamaanava" - Uday played spolt negative brother of lead man K.S Aswath in the film. He shoulderd the cinema with stytlish performance in a negative role.

Madhu Malathi

Co - Artist - Dr Rajkumar, Arunkumar, Bharti, MP Shankar, Ashwath

Director - S. K. Ananthachari

Producer - Trimurthy Films

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Madhu Maalathi" - One most floklore film. Dr Raj and Bharathi in the lead role. Uday's character was equally important. Arunkumar shard screen space with 2 legends as 3rd hero. M.P.Shankar in a negative role.

Mohini Bhasmasura

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Ashwath, Rajasri

Director - M.N. Varma

Producer - H M Baba Productions

Music Director - T.Chalapathi Rao

"Mohini Bharmaseera" - Mythological Story based on Shivapurana'. Udayji qwith rajashri played as shiva and parvathi in the title role. For shiva thandava (Cousmic Dance) Udayji took a schedule of dance practice and did it. This shows it Character demands any thina - he had it ready to give not to the character.

Sandhyaraaga - National Award

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Bharati, Ashwath, Narasimharaju, Shylasri

Director - A. C. Narasimhamurthy

Producer - Shylasri Productions

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Sandhya Raaga" - A Noval based miusical hit. Dr.Raj and Uady played as brothers having opposite qualities. An egocentus looking down upon his music loving younger brother lakshmana. He realise his good qualities by end of the film. The Ego-hatied - an beautifully portaired by uday.

Shri Krishna Pandaveeyam (Telugu)

Co - Artist - NTR, Nagaiah, K.R.Vijaya, Kantarao Shoban Babu

Director - N.T.Rama Rao

Producer - NAT & Ramakrishna Combines

Music Director - Pendyala Nageshwara Rao

"Sri Krishna Paandavigam" - A Mythological in telugu. Dr.NTR produced , directed the film playing dual role as sri kishna & Suyodhana. He had S.V.Rangarao in his mind to play a very important role & Bheema for certain action scenes he had in his mind for the character, udaykumar was very suitable. He has offerd the role. Udayji excelled in the character of bheema - Even now he is remembered by telugu fil fans.

Hanthkululosthunaru Jagrata (Telugu)

Co - Artist - Ramakrishna, Geetanjali, Tyagaraju, Prabhakar Reddy

Director - S.D.Lal

Producer - -

Music Director - Sathyam

"Hanthakalu osthunnaru Jagratha" - One more super hit telugu cinema after superhit telugu block buster. 'Paandavrgame'.He played this social venture in the lead role and telugu fans rated him to NTR and S.V. Ranga Rao.



Co - Artist - Kalpana, M.N.Lakshmidevi

Director - C. V. Shivashankar

Producer - Sadguru Films

Music Director - R.Rathnam

"Padavidhara" - Hero a graduate finds his difficult with his virtues. Directed by C.V. Shivashankar Exracted Udayji's soft expression in a soft role.

Sati Sukanya

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Harini, Balakrishna, Narasimharaju, Ashwath, M.P.Shankar

Director - Y. R. Swamy

Producer - Bhuvaneshwari Productions

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Sathi Sukanya"

Parvathi Kalyana

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Chandrakala, Ashwath, Jayasri, MP Shankar

Director -B. S. Ranga

Producer - Vikram Productions

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Parvathi Kalyana" - A Mythological based on shivapuram. Dr.Raj in the lead role as shiva- chnadrakala as parvathi. A soft, smily faced, well behaved comic character of narada was one of the best mythological character played by udayji.


Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Bharati, BM Venkatesh, Balakrishna

Director - G. V. Iyer

Producer - Vasanth Pictures

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Rajashekara" - Based in sohras Rusthum '- Conflict between father and son played by Dr.Raj & B.M. Venkatesh Bharathi in the lead role. Udayji had a powerfull character as close friend of Dr.Raj - Suffers with blames became a character of son and ultimates reveels the truth to his friends.

Rajadurgada Rahasya

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Jayanthi, Narasimharaju

Director - A. C. Narasimhamurthy

Producer - Krishnodaya Films

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Rajadurgada Rahasya" - Floklore film, Udayji performance in a negative role, action scenes Chariate, horse race inspired in holywood film bennur are his highlights of his cinema.

Bangarada Hoovu - National Award

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Kalpana, Shilashree

Director - B.A. Arasukumar

Producer - Shrinivasa Chitralaya

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Bangarada Hoovu" - National award best feature film. Uday played as brother of kalpana the leading lady with Dr. Raj is lead role Udayji had a sophisticate, soft role equal to of the hero. Dr.Raj and uday played several melodrama scenes to the par exlency.

Chakra Teertha (Best supporting actor - National Award)

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Jayanthi, Balakrishna, B.M.Venkatesh, Jayasri

Director - Pekati Shivram

Producer - Sri Bhagavati Productions

Music Director - T.G.Lingappa

Chakratheertha - Novel based film. Udayji was awarded best supporting artist -Jayanthi is Dual role as mother and daughter.Uday's character as father of heroine and grand father of one more character played by jayanthi is worth mentroning. In climax he has given peercess performance.

Sri Purandara Dasaru

Co - Artist - Ashwath, Pandari Bai

Director - C.V.Raju

Producer - Sri Hamsa Films

Music Director - C.N.Panduranga

"Sri Purandara Daasaru" - Udayji Plaued vysaraya guru & Purandara Dasara played by K.S.Aswath.

Immadi Pulakesi

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Kalpana, Jayanthi, Sudharshan, Ashwath, Balakrishna, Shakti Prasad, Narasimharaju

Director - N. C. Rajan

Producer - Venkatesh Productions

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Immadipulikeshi" - Historical cinema produced by music director G.K.Venkatesh Dr.Raj is the title ,role, Uday as his brother Kushja Vishnu' with a different performance and rase body language.

Jedara Bale

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Jayanthi, Ashwath, Narasimharaju, MP Shankar

Director - Dorairaj-Bhagavan

Producer - Mantralaya Movies

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Jedara Bale" - the first James bond type of film in South India. Boils superstar were sophisticates dressed and were is a very stylish characters uday played a negative role as 'Boss'.

Bhuvanasundari Katha (Telugu)

Co - Artist - NTR, Krishnakumari, Vanisri, Alluramalingaiah

Director - C.Pullaiah

Producer - Sridevi Productions

Music Director - Gantasala Venkateshwara Rao

"Bhuvana Sundari katha" - An NTR Starer film. Uday played a character & Washerman withLunch back. Parakayapravesha (Entering in top other body). Was the theme. Vanishree paired with udayji.

Kanchu Kota (Telugu)-Dual Role

Co - Artist - NTR, Kantha Rao, Devika, Krishnakumari, Prabhakar Reddy, Vanisri

Director - C.S.Rao

Producer - Vishwashanthi Productions

Music Director - K.V.Mahadevan

"Kanchukota" A super hit multistarer Telugu film. With NTR , Kantharan, Shobam bases , Udayji had a role of father of devika leading lady and mix character of a villain in guise. (With mosk of udaykumar) Hence this film was consider) as dual role played by uday in telugu.


Mateye Maha Mandira

Co - Artist - Venkatesh, Jayanthi

Director - B.S.Srinivas

Producer - Vijayasri Films

Music Director - B.Gopal

"Matheye Maha Mandira"

Mysore Taanga

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Vandana, Narasimharaju

Director - G. V. Iyer

Producer - Vijayalakshmi Movies

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Mysore Taanga" - Uday provided lyrics for a song of his film produced and directed by kalyanji - suspense thrilling film had Udayji's performance as police officer.

Mahasati Arundhati

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Kalpana, Arunkumar, Vandana, Adhoni Lakshmidevi

Director - Aruru Pattabhi

Producer - Sanjeevi Pictures

Music Director - Ashwathamma

"Mahasakthi Arundathi" - Mythological Udayji played as Indra - and Dr. Raj is the lead role. Title role played by Kalpana

Anna Thamma

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Kalpana, Leelavathi

Director - K.S.L.Swamy

Producer - Roopasri Productions

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Anna thamma" - Kalyan and uday played as brother police and culprit brothers conflict played well by both talented stares. Kalpana and leelavathi as leading lady paired with kalyan & Uday.

Namma Ooru

Co - Artist - Rajesh, Krishnakumari, Shylasri, Ashwath, Dinesh

Director - C. V. Shivashankar

Producer - Jayasri Productions

Music Director - R.Rathnam

"Namma Ooru ,Udayji played a rich person having selfish tendency. Rahjesh is the leadrole supported by dinesh.

Naane Bhagyavathi

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Mynavathi, Bharati, Narasimharaju

Director - T.V.Singh Thakur G. V. Iyer

Producer - Trimurthy films

Music Director - T.G.Lingappa

"Naane Bhagyavathi"


Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Udaya chandrika, Narasimharaju

Director - R. N. Jayagopal

Producer - Sri Bhagavathi Arts

Music Director - T.G.Lingappa

"Dhoomakshetha " - Social film got shot in a circus back drop foirst time of kannada silver screen subtitle, Under played, negative character was compared with Western films villain roles. Dr.Raj is the laed trapped by character of uday had well defined scenes. filled Script.

Simha Swapna

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Jayanthi, Narasimharaju, Dinesh, B.V.Radha

Director - W. R. Subba Rao

Producer - Gowri Arts Films

Music Director - Dakshinamurthy

"Simha Swapna" - A Floklore Superhit cinema. Kaalakeshi Character is a negative role palyed by udayji with specific style & Villanish performance. He was the man of witch craft approve of Dr.Raj. Jayanthi as leading lady. Sword fights and thrilling climax.

Pravasi Mandira

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Vandana, Balakrishna, Dwarakesh

Director - Kalyankumar

Producer - R.K.Pictures

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Pravasi Mandira" - One more kalyan uday consination. Uady has rendered the lyrics for a song. The film was directed & Produced by Kalyan Kumar.

Hoovu Mullu

Co - Artist - Kalpana, Balakrishna, Ranga, MP Shankar, Sadana

Director - A. V. Seshagiri Rao

Producer - Madhu Arts Films

Music Director - Sathyam

"Hoovu Mullu" - Udayji co-operative made an ordinary film enthiase to became producer and later estabilished a famous film banner madhu arts. Kalpana was the heroine. M.P. Shankar as villain. Uday as the hero had several action packed scenes like bull fight, lati fight & with this film he started his 2nd innings as hero.


Suvarna Bhoomi

Co - Artist - Rajesh, Sudharshan, Shylasri, Balakrishna

Director - A.M.Sameeyullah

Producer - Bhava Movies

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Suvarna Bhoomi"


Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Kalpana, Balakrishna, Pandari Bai

Director - B. N. Haridas

Producer - Vikram Productions

Music Director - S.Hanumantha Rao


Madhura Milana

Co - Artist - Srinath Padmanjali, Balakrishna

Director - S. K. Ananthachari

Producer - Raju Movies

Music Director - T.Chalapathi Rao

"Madheera Milana" - A lead role played by Udayji. Srinath's first film in a major role

Shiva Bhakta

Co - Artist -Bharati, Balakrishna, Dwarakesh

Director - K. B. Srinivas

Producer - Vasanth Movies

Music Director - S.Hanumantha Rao

"Shiva Bhakktha" - Mythological based on shivapuram - Udayji as hero - Bharathi as Leader lady.


Co - Artist - Jayanthi, Balakrishna, Ashwath, Narasimharaju

Director - T. V. Singh Thakur

Producer - Kaveri Films

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh


Makkale Manege Manikya

Co - Artist - Adhoni Lakshmidevi,. Shylasri, BV Radha, Dinesh, Nagendra Rao

Director - A. V. Sheshgiri Rao

Producer - Roopasri Productions

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Makkale Manege Manikya"

Madhuve! Madhuve!! Madhuve!!!

Co - Artist - Jayanthi, Balakrishna, Poornima

Director - Geethapriya

Producer - Vijayashalini Films

Music Director - Sathyam

"Madhuve ! Madhuve ! Madhuve !"

Kalpa Vruksha

Co - Artist - Srinath, Leelavathi, Balakrishna, Ashwath

Director - Ku.Ra.Seetarama Shastry

Producer - Bhavana Productions

Music Director - Jayadev

"Kalpa vriksha"

Ade Hridaya Ade Mamathe

Co - Artist -Ramesh, MV Rajamma, Jayanthi, Udaya chandrika, Balakrishna

Director - M. N. Prasad

Producer - Venkatesh Movies

Music Director - Upendrakumar

"Ade hriday - Ade Manathe"

Mathru Bhoomi

Co - Artist - Kalpana, Shankar, Sudharshan, Ranga

Director - M. S. Gopinath

Producer - Madhu Arts Films

Music Director - Sathyam

"Mathru Bhoomi" Social Cinema having wasbackdrop. Group of docoits - led by Docoit leader uday kumar gets realisation by physically handicaped heroine kalpana. Later all gangstars become soldiers is army serve the nation 'Mathru boomi".


Co - Artist - Raja shankar, Bharati, Chandrakala

Director - N. C. Rajan

Producer - Mahalakshmi Films

Music Director - R.Rathnam


Mukunda Chandra

Co - Artist - Kalyankumar, Kalpana, Balakrishna, Ashwath

Director - S. K. Ananthachari

Producer - Malnad Movies

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Mukundachandra" - one most film is uday - kalyan combination Uday palyed as care taker of a small boy from his childhood sacnfies his life for thi weel being of the boy. The boy grows & will not identify his caretaker realises his greatness only is climax.

Bhale Basava

Co - Artist - Jayanthi, Rajesh, Rajasri, Nagaiah, Nagappa, Narasimharaju

Director - B.S.Ranga

Producer -Vikram Productions

Music Director - S.Rajeshwara Rao

"Bhale Basava" - One more mile stone - Super hit block buster first fully colour social cinema Uday as the hero excelled an weswrestler. Rajesh as his brother is a lead role. Jayanthi as Uday heroine. MGR Priced Uday's performance is clus fight (Lati fight) torch fight and wrestling while the same film was remade is tamil uday's love towards wrestlies and lati jimanastic was all time record.


Rangamahal Rahasya

Co - Artist - Srinath, Bharati, Narasimharaju, Radha, Nagappa

Director - Vijay

Producer - Maheshwari Movies

Music Director - Sathyam

"Rangamahal Rahasya", a suspense action thriller movie, Udayji in the lead role. Screen spara shared by Srinatha and Narasimharaju. Chasing and fights were very naturally done without any equipments or double.

Pratikara (dual Role)

Co - Artist - Sudharshan, Ranga, Kalpana, BV Radha

Director - M.S.Gopinath

Producer - Shanthala Films

Music Director - Sathyam

"Prathikara" Dual role as father and son. Kalpana was the leading Lady. Conflict between father and son, very well established Melodrum Sceneries. Action was also an important attractions of the film.

Kallara Kala

Co - Artist - Sudharshan, Shylasri, Narasimharaju, MP Shankar

Director - M.P.Shankar

Producer - Bharani Art Productions

Music Director - Sathyam

"Kallara Kalla" - M.P.Shankar's Production having forest and animal ….. Drop. Fight as Train, Horse raiding, natural stunts without any safety equipments were the highlights

Hasiru Thorana

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Bharati

Director -T. V. Singh Thakur

Producer - Trimurthy Films

Music Director - Upendra Kumar

"Hasiru Thorana" - Dr.Raj and Bharathi were in lead and Udayji played a negative role. Later to this film he took an off from negative role for a considerable period and concentrated only on positive and lead roles (Hero roles)

Takka! Bitre Sikka!!

Co - Artist - Srinath, Ranga, Arathi, Narasimharaju, Shaktiprasad

Director - A. M. Samiullah

Producer - Bhava Movies

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Takka - Bittre Sikka" a serious subject of two brothers comic touch wasw given to the film due to Narasimharaju played as younger brother of udayji. There was a combination of Uday-Narasimharaju - Srinath - Ara in the film. Bank robbery, Chase, fights by uday were picturrised in hollywood style. Costumes etc, were ultra modern.

Mrityu Panjaradalli Goodarachari 555

Co - Artist - Srinath, Esha, Udaya Chandrika

Director - Sunand

Producer - Gajanana Films

Music Director - Sathyam

"Mrithyu Panjaradalli" Goodachari 555" - subject influenced us crime - Thriller of hoolywood Screen space shared by Srinath.

Modala Rathri

Co - Artist - Srinath, Rajasri, BV Radha

Director - Vijay

Producer - Sheshu Movies

Music Director - Sathyam

"Modala Raathri " - Uday - Srinath Starer Cinema having murder mistry as the theme.

SEDIGE SEDU(100th Film)

Co - Artist -Jayanthi, Narasimharaju, Rajanand, Ranga

Director - A. V. Sheshgiri Rao

Producer - Madhu Arts Films

Music Director - Sathyam

"Sedige Sedu" - 100th Kannada film of Uday and Superstar in the line of Kumar Trio to become "Century Star". Udayji took 14 years to complete 100 Cinemas in Kannada. Out of 100 Kannada films 60% of his films he was the Hero - lead role. 40T of the total films showed . . . character roles, negative and comic roles. This shows he was never bond with image, length type, boundaries while selecting the cinema. He used to accept whatever offered to him and used to "LIVE" in the character. Even a character which do not have much 'graph' Udayji used to affix his stamp and brand it is "Udaykumar style / School of Acting" He was honoured in a public function held in town hall and was titled "NATA SAMRAT" (Monarch of Artists)

Sukha Samsara

Co - Artist - Srinath, Rajesh, Rajasri

Director - Vijaya Sathyam

Producer - Venugopal Productions

Music Director - M.Rangarao

"Sukha Samsara"

Aaru Mooru Ombattu

Co - Artist - Srinath, Rajesh, Ravi, Radha

Director - K.L.S.Swamy

Producer - Raghunandan Movies

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Aaru Mooru Ombathu " - A very different murder mistry. Six innocent Heros and three heroines (6+3=9) Udayji was leading this multistarer. Srinath, Gangadhar, Ravi, Sudharshan, Rajesh were other 5 heros shared the screen. Udayji and his leading lady Leelavathi played as stage Artists of Yakshagaana. Udayji efforted to learn Yakshagaana from Professional Artists and played the role to its perfection.

Mahadi Mane

Co - Artist - Pandari Bai, Shylasri Dinakar

Director - C.V.Shivashankar

Producer - Trimurthy Films

Music Director - R.Rathnam

"Mahadi Mane" - Udayji was the Hero played as co-detective. Entire film shot in outdoor thick jungle and a bungalow in the mids of forest.


Sidila Mari

Co - Artist - Jayanthi, Rajanand, Sadana Dinesh,Vijayalalitha, Dwarakesh

Director - B. S. Ranga

Producer - Vikram Productions

Music Director - S.Rajeshwara Rao

"Sidila Mari" - A Colour film having Jayanthi as the leading lady, in a rich coffee estate owners character. Taming her was the main theme. Fights, Romance, Comidy was the highlights.


Co - Artist - B.Sarojadevi, Rajesh, Srinath, Dinesh, Ranga, Shakti Prasad

Director - R. Dayanandsagar

Producer - Dayanand Productions

Music Director - R.Rathnam

"Poornima" - B.Sarojadevi in the title role. Uday in the lead shared Screen space with Rajesh and Srinath. Dr.Dayanand Sagar produced, directed, acted in this film.

Signal Man Siddappa

Co - Artist - Leelavathi Rajashankar, Balakrishna, Shakti Prasad

Director -Tekkatte Nagaraj

Producer - Manjunath Films

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Signal Man Siddappa"

Samshaya Phala

Co - Artist - Jayanthi, Pandari Bai, Srinath

Director - A. M. Samiulla

Producer - Bhava Movies

Music Director - Salil Choudhary

"Samshaya Pala" Uday as the Hero. A spoiled rich son of Sampath, innocent and trapped in the plot of his secretary. Ultimately finds a tragic end. Very famous songs rendered by Saleel Choudhary famous music director of Bombay. Ultra Modern sets, rich costumes very active body language of Uday were the attractive points of the film. Jayanthi was the leading lady. Srinath shared the screen space.

Jaatakarathna Gunda Joisa

Co - Artist - Narasimharaju, Latha, Balakrishna, Bharani kumar

Director - B. Padmanabham

Producer - Reka & Murali Combines

Music Director - S.P.Kodandapani

"Jathaka Rathna Gundajoisa" Ultimate comedy film produced and directed by a famous comidian of Telugu Mr.Padmanabham. Narasimharaju was in the title role. Udayji had a separate trace of serious touch and gets overlapped with comedy track.

Kasidre Kailasa

Co - Artist - Dr.Rajkumar, Vanisri, Srinath, Pandari Bai

Director - Janakiram

Producer - Sri Rama Films

Music Director - Sathyam

"Kaasidre Kailaasa" - A Milestone R……. And the last films enacted by 2 superstars of Kannada film industry. Dr.Raj and Udayji paired as friends in this film. Equally vital roles of two heroes played very well by Veteran artists. Vaniswhree as the par of Dr.Raj and sister of Uday. Subject on two close friends viewing "Money" in different ways and finally concludes humanity and friendship in supreme. A Text book for learners of acting Jubiliation to watch combination scenes of 2 legends playing and competinj each other positives to give a best product "Film".

Bhale Bhaskar

Co - Artist - Gangadhara, Rajesh, Anitha, Jayakumari, Narasimharaju

Director - R. Ramamurthy

Producer - Sri Rama Enterprises

Music Director - Sathyam

"Bhale Bhaskar" Udayji in Title role. A very stylish hero character under cover cop in the disguise of a gangstar gets revealed as police officer in the climax. Introduction scene of Udayji was copied and enacted by superstars of other languages including the vertern villain Pran of Hindi screen. Screen space shared by Gangadhar Rajesh as counter parts.


Co - Artist - Kalpana, Rajashekar

Director - N. Lakshminarayan

Producer - Navodaya Films

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Mukthi" - A bridge film - Kalpana in the lead role with Rajashekar. As it was an early commitment and delayed production to respect the Dr.Lakshminarayanan. Udayji was once again in a "Cow faced Tiger" character.


Nari Munidare Mari

Co - Artist - Kalpana, Srinath, M.P Shankar, Narasimharaju

Director - Geethapriya

Producer - Bharani Films

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Naari Munidhari Maari" Kalpana in the title role played as "Hunterwali" (Action packed heroine) Uday was in the lead. Forest backdrop, using animals, horse ride, fights etc. , were plus points. M.P.Shankar's Production -Direction - Acted venture. Udayji's fighting with Lion , cheeta etc were graceously picturised.

Bhale Rani

Co - Artist - Srinath Ramagopal, Devika, Ramesh, Ashwath

Director - Vijaya Satyam

Producer - Rani Combines

Music Director - Sathyaraj

"Bhale Rani" - To help the production of a stunt master Samba Shivaiah father of baby Rani (A child artist) Udayji played in the character friendly appearance. He was kind and fondly loving the technicians who ever approaches him and request for his help. Udayji used to scater few days for them. Never bothered about commercial terms, image and depth of hte character to be played and was ready to help.

Kulla Agent 000

Co - Artist - Dwarakesh, Jyothilakshmi, Vajramuni, Toogadeep Srinivas

Director - K.L.S.Swamy

Producer - Dwarakesh Films

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Kulla Agent 000" - Producer Mr.Dwarakesh in the tile comic role. Udayji was approached by Mr.Dwarakesh who was a close friend, Colleague and shared screen space with Uday in many earlier films. It was a character of a "Boss" a western style. A very different type of hair style, costumes denset etc., Mr.Dwarakesh rembers in many interview the affection and concern shown by Uday to Dwarakesh where he approached Udayji to play opposite of him in stylish "Boss"s character to support him in commercial laspects of the film, Udayji accepted and played. Introduction of Uday's character resembled Hindi and hollywood level films.

Kaanch Aur Heera (Hindi)

Co - Artist - Pankaj Shamim, Rajan Haksar, Manmohan

Director - Charandas Shokh

Producer - -

Music Director - Ravindra Jain

"Kaanch Aur Heera" one and the only Hindi film played by Udayji entirely shot in Mysore and surrounding Ravindra Jain rendered the music had couple of good numbers.



Co - Artist - Kalpana, Narasimharaju, Vijayakala

Director - M. N. Prasad

Producer - Nagaraj Enterprises

Music Director - Upendra Kumar

"Triveni" - A Social movie Kalpana in the title character. Uday as the hero of the fim. Additionally Udayji was helping the Director M.N.Prasad in screen play and picturising songs and few scenes. Mr. Hamsalekha penned his first song for the film. Famous song number " Neena Bhagavantha" picturised on Uday is still a popular song.

Bharathada Rathna

Co - Artist - Jayanthi, Jayadev Kumar, Shylasri, Leelavathi

Director -T. V. Singh Thakur

Producer - Ashwini Films

Music Director - R.Sudharshanam

"Bharathada Rathna" - Udayji in the title lead role. An ex-army officer visits his native village and try to return the social evil factors. Leelavathi as Uday's pair. Jayanthi more leading lady.

Cowboy Kulla

Co - Artist - Dwarakesh, Vijayalalitha

Director - Vijay

Producer - Dwaraka Films

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Cowboy Kulla" One more Mr. Dwarakesh's home banner western cowboy subject in a native back drop. Udayji in the lead negative role opposite of comic hero Dhwarakesh.


Chamundeshwari Mahime

Co - Artist - Srinath, Latha, Ashwath

Director - Addala Narayana Rao

Producer - Padmalakshmi Pictures

Music Director - L.Narayana Rao

"Chamundeshwari Mahime" - Mythological folk base mixed script. Udayji was in the lead role of Vikrama adithya story, screen play, dialogues and songs were penned by Udayji himself. He has picturised major scenes of the film to help the production in the absence of the Director. Srinath, Aswath were in the supporting cast.

Nanu Baalabeku

Co - Artist - Arathi, Srinath, Balakrishna, Dwarakesh

Director - K.S.Satyanarayana

Producer - Gopi Productions

Music Director - R.Rathnam

"Naanu Bala Beku" Uday in the lead role supported by Srinath Dwarakesh, Arathi, Balakrishna . A Trapped innocent familyman in the group of social eveil . . And tries to prove his innocence was the theme.

Mannina Magalu

Co - Artist - Jayanthi, Rajasri, B.M.Venkatesh, Nagendra Rao

Director - B. S. Ranga

Producer - Vikram Productions

Music Director - S.Rajesh Rao

"Mannina Magalu" - Jayanthi in the lead dual role. Theme inspired by "Mother India" Uday played in this colour film as "Chota jamindar" - who was spoiled by opportunists realises at the tragic end.

Prema Paasha

Co - Artist - Leelavathi, B.V.Radha, Narasimharaju

Director - Aruru Pattabhi

Producer - Karnataka Movies Arts

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Prema Paasha " - Uday - Leelavathi pair played as kind hearted couple tries to help the sister of heroine played by B.V.Radha in her hardships.

Bettada Bhairava

Co - Artist - Balakrishna, Vinodkumar, Varalakshmi

Director - M. N. Srinivas

Producer - Nirmala Productions

Music Director - C.L.Sriramulu

"Bettada Bhairava"



Co - Artist - Jayalakshmi, Vijayakala, Shylasri Sathya

Director - B. Sridhar

Producer - Sridhar Films

Music Director - Vajrappa

"Jaagruthi" - A bridge film on importance of education and knowledge.

Sarpa Kavalu

Co - Artist - Rajesh, Anitha, B.V.Radha, Toogadeepa Srinivas

Director - S. N. Singh

Producer - Malleshwari Pictures

Music Director - Sathyam

"Sarpa Kavalu" - Inspired by hollywood - cowboy films like Meccannas Gold, the film was on treasure hunt.

Mantra Shakti

Co - Artist - Kalpana, MP Shankar, Rajanand, Toogadeepa Srinivas, BM Venkatesh

Director - Hunsur Krishnamurthy

Producer - Lokeshwari Pictures

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Manthra Shakthi " - A folkist Hunsur Krishnamurthy director film Kalpana in the Lead role. Udayji as a folk hero facing all obstacles forced by Manthra vaadi (Witch craftman) played by M.P.Shankar in the film


Co - Artist - Rajesh Rajasri, Vijayakala, Narasimharaju

Director - Kunigal Nagabhushan

Producer - R.Jayarathnam Films

Music Director - Upendra Kumar

"Ashirwada" - Hero Udayji shared the screen space with Rajesh played as his brother -in-law Rajeshri as his sister. Uday experimented under playing the character with very normal voice, culture and simple body language T.M.Soundarajan, a very famous singer of Tamil rendered his voice to Uday.

Bili Hendthi

Co - Artist - Arathi, Anilkumar, Leelavathi

Director - S. R. Puttana Kanagal

Producer - M.G.M.Productions

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Bili Hendthi " - Great star director Puttanna kanagal was a very close friend besides a close relative of Udayji - They never had an opportunity to work together. These extremes talented artist - Technicaians combination was expected by the film fans to set a record and a mile stone of Kannada film industry. Several opportunities were not practicalised due to un-known reasons. "Bili Hendthi" gave an anser for all these. Though the character of Udayji appearance was in a few scenes the impact was electrifing. Grace to watch a great combination versatile actor and highly talented director worked together in this film.


Sutrada Bombe

Co - Artist - Srinath, Manjula, Chandrashekar, Jayalakshmi

Director - Peketi Shivaram

Producer - Padmalaya Pictures

Music Director - Sathyam

"Suthrada Gombe" produced by Telegu Superstar Krishna's Banner Udayji played "Cow faced Tiger" type role - under played the character. Intonation was specially a climbed in his dialogue delivery. Srinath, Chandrashekar, Manjula (South) played key roles of the film.

Rajanarthakiya Rahasya

Co - Artist - Rajesh, Kal,pana, Ramgopal

Director - B. Harinarayana

Producer - Sri Padma Productions

Music Director - B.Vasanth

Rajanarthanakiya Rahasiya" - Story screenplay, dialogues, songs rendered by Udayji, Kalpana in the title role - Screen space shared by Rajesh in the lead role.


Shri Renukadavi Mahatme

Co - Artist - Rajesh, Srinath, Sarojadevi, Dwarakesh

Director - C. S. Rao

Producer - Padmalakshmi Combines

Music Director - S.Hanumantha Rao

"Sri Renukadevi Mahatme" _ Parashurama's character was a dream character of Udayji. He scripted the story, screenplay, dialogues and songs in the 1st decade of his acting carrier. Immediately after Ide Maha Sudina, he wanted to produce " Parushuramja" may be the shooting took off for few days. But was not able to complete the film. Dream came to true when Padmalakshmi's combines - Telegu production house came forward to produce a film on Devi Mahathayma, Udayji narrated this script of Parashurama. The same story in the title Renukadevi Mahatame , took off in a lavishly rich level in colour, huge sets, mutlistars etc., Udayji played the key role "Karthyeveeryarjuna" (Demon King - Re incornation of Sudharshana chakra), Srinath as Parushurama, Rajesh as Jamadagni, son Smt. B.Sarojadevi in the title role. Renuka, Varjamuni (Guest) as revana. Sanskrit mixed Kannada lengthy dialogues were high light and challenge for all the artists of the film. Spectators were suprised to watch a film with such powerfall script and dialogues.

Srimanthana Magalu

Co - Artist - Vishnuvardhan, Jayanthi, Jayalakshmi, Dwarakesh, Vajramuni

Director - A. V. Sheshgiri Rao

Producer - Vijaya Arts Enterprises

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Sri Manthana Magalu" - Dr.Vishnuvardhan for the film time shared the Screen space with Udayji . Jayanthi was the leading lady.

Hemavathi (Best supporting Actor - State Award)

Co - Artist - Ashwini G.V.Iyer, Loknath

Director - Siddalingaiah

Producer - Jain Combines

Music Director - L.Vaidhyanathan

"Hemavathi " - Uday got a state ward for the best actor. Chandavalli thota, Ramanjaneya Yudha , Veera Kesari, and many films show cased Udayji's talent versatility and calibre. But Hemavathi, showcased that he was the "+D186Valcono of talent". His style was stamped as Loud, expressive deep and sometime dramatic . "Hemavathi" his carrier best film defined Udaykumar's in built capacity of controlled, underplayed, very deeply expressed performance. Hence Hemavathi may be conswidered as a peak in his acting graph. Hats off ! to Udayji and his director Sri Siddalingaiah.

Shani Prabhava

Co - Artist - Vishnuvardhan, Bhavani, Sampath, Balakrishna, Toogadeepa Srinivas

Director - Ratnakar-Madhu

Producer - Krupa Sagari

Music Director - M.Ranga Rao

"Shani Prabhava" - A mythology Dr.Vishnuvardhan - Bhavani starer Udayji played as Lord Hanuman 2nd time in his acting career.


Co - Artist - K.R.Vijaya, Kalyankumar, Jayanthi, Shivaram, Ambaresh

Director - K. S. L. Swamy

Producer - Gajalakshmi Chitralaya

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Banashankari" - Socio - Mythological film produced - acted by K.R.Vijaya a famous star of south India. Kalyanji played opposite of K.R.Vijaya in a negative shaded character. Udayji played a comic role of the "Pseudo Witch craftman" . He changes as devotee of Devi in the climax



Co - Artist - Jayanthi, Latha, Rajasri, Sampath, Master Hirannaiah

Director - C. V. Raju

Producer - Raj Enterprises

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Devadaasi" based on a popular drama of the same name. Master Hirannaiah, Latha, Jayanthi were in the key role. Udayji played the character of rich man in love with Devadasi. He had played the same character several times on stage also.

Mathu Tappada Maga

Co - Artist - Ananthnag, Sharada, Rajanikanth, Shivaram, Balakrishna, Ashwath

Director - Peketi Shivram

Producer - Bharati Cine Arts

Music Director - Ilayaraja

"Mathu Thappada Maga" - Ananthnag for the first itme shared the screen space. Tamil superstar Rajanikanth played as counterpart of Uday as villian

Siritanakke Saval

Co - Artist - Vishnuvardhan, Manjula, Dwarakesh, Ashwath, Vajramuni, Leelavathi

Director - T.R.Ramanna

Producer - Royal Pictures

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Siri Thanakke Saval"

Bhale Huduga

Co - Artist - Vishnuvardhan, Manjula, Dwarakesh

Director -T. R. Ramanna

Producer - Royal Pictures

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Bale Huduga" - Remake of "Hamjoli" Hindi film - Vishnu - manjula in the lead roles. Udayji played the character of Father to manjula.

Madhura Sangama

Co - Artist - Vishnuvardhan, Srinath, Ashok, Ananthnag,Radha

Director - T. P. Venugopal

Producer - D.V.R.Movies

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Madhura Sangama" - Guruppan in the play exhibited in the film "Kumararama" Dr.Vishnu in the based on the story of Lead role.


Putani Agents 1-2-3

Co - Artist - Srinath, Manjula

Director - Geethapriya

Producer - Karuna Films

Music Director - Rajan Nagendra

"Putani Agent 1 - 2 -3" Udayji played a Noth Indian Setji's character. Villaianish role with humorous touch. Srinath and Manjula in the lead roles. Child artists were the main cast.



Co - Artist - Kalyan Kumar, Bharati, Balakrishna

Director - Gowri Sundar

Producer - Vipin Movies

Music Director - Mysore Ananthswamy

"Chithrakoota" Kalyan - Uday's one more combination film. Udayji played a dumb character.


Co - Artist - Vishnuvardhan, Vajramuni, Rati Agnihotri

Director -V Somashekhar

Producer - S.V.Sriram

Music Director - Sathyam

"Kaalinga" - remake of Hindi super hit Kaalicharan . Vishnuji and Rathi Agnihothri in the lead roles Udayji as father Police Commissioner of one of the characters of dual role of Vishnuji. Senior Artist of Hindi Screen Omprakash's character was shouldered by Uday in Kannada.

Moogana Sedu

Co - Artist - Shankar Nag as Nagaraja, Manjula, Sampath, Udaykumar, T. N. Balakrishna, Sundar Krishna Urs, Shankar Rao Prabhakar, Advani Lakshmi Devi, K. V. Jaya

Director - B. Subba Rao

Producer - P.Devaraj

Music Director - Sathyam

"Moogana Sedu" First film enacted with Shankarnag. A negative role of village patel opposite of Shankar was the character played by Udayji.

Vajrada Jalapata

Co - Artist - Ambaresh, Jayanthi

Director - Bhandaru Giribabu

Producer - J.G. Productions

Music Director - Ramesh Naidu

"Vajrada Jalapatha" Smt.Jayanthi's own banner Dr.Ambarish in the lead role. Udayji was the gang leader who were in search of a hidden treasure.

Maria My Darling

Co - Artist - Kamal Hasan, Sripriya, Vajramuni, MP Shankar

Director - Durai

Producer - Durgeshwari Films

Music Director - Ilayaraja

"Mariya My Darling" world star" super hero Kamal hasan shared the screen space with Udayji in a negative role.



Co - Artist - Rajanikanth, Geetha, Madhavi, Jai Jagadesh, Dwarakesh

Director - C. V. Rajendran

Producer -

Music Director - Ilayaraja

Garjane" - Kannada - Tamil Simeela ….. Shot film.Supersta Rajani kanth - hero in both version shared the screen with Uday in a character role.


Co - Artist - Shankar Nag, Gayathri, Dwarakesh

Director - T. R. Ramanna

Producer -

Music Director - Sathyam

"Kulaputhra" - Shankarnag in the lead Udayji in negative role opposite to Shankar .

Thayiya Madilalli

Co - Artist - Ashok, Arathi, Shankar Nag

Director - B. Subba Rao

Producer -

Music Director - Sathyam

"Thayiya Madilalli" - A role of a police Inspector having humarous relationship with the family of constable played by Balakrishna. Arathi - Ashok, Shankarnag in a guest role. Uday; character was once again a blend of emotion - sentiment - Patta. . .


Chellidha Rakta

Co - Artist - Ashok, Prabhakar, Manjula, Balakrishna

Director - B. Subba Rao

Producer -

Music Director - Sathyam

"Chellida Raktha"

Sahasa Simha

Co - Artist - Vishnuvardhan, Kajal Kiran, Toogadeep Srinivas, Dheerendra Gopal

Director - Joe Simon

Producer -

Music Director - Sathyam

"Sahasa Simha" - A police commissioner role supporting the hero Vishnuvardhan.

Mava Sose Saval

Co - Artist - Manjula, Dwarakesh, Arati, Ashok

Director - Amrutham

Producer -

Music Director -

" Maava Sose Savaal" - Two lead Title toles played by Udayji and Manjula as Mava and Sose very emotional - reaction oriented character played by uday.

Kempu Hori

Co - Artist - Ashok - Manjula

Director - B. M. Madhavaiah

Producer -

Music Director - Sathyam

"Kempu Hori" - A role of Guru teaching marshal arts and father of Herione . He had very interesting action scenes, performed without 'double' in an advanced age of 49-50. Ashok and Manjula in the lead role.


Kallu Veene Nudiyitu

Co - Artist - Vishnuvardhan, Arati, Bhavya, Jayanthi

Director - Tiptur Raghu

Producer -

Music Director - M.Ranga Rao

"Kallu Veene Nudiyithu" God fearing morally bound father's character Arathi was his daughter in the film. Vishnuji in the leading role.

Karune Ellada Kanunu

Co - Artist - Lokesh, Sripriya

Director - Ravi

Producer -

Music Director -

"Karune Illada Kaanunu"

Nodi Swamy Navirodu Heege

Co - Artist - Shankar Nag, Ananth Nag, Lakshmi, Master.Manjunath

Director - Shankar Nag

Producer -

Music Director - G.K.Venkatesh

"Nodi Swamy Navirode Heege" - Guest role - Father of Lakshmi paired with Ananthnag in flash back. Directed - acted by Shankarnag.

Sri Nanjundeshwara Mahime

Co - Artist - Srinivasa Murthy, Srinath, Shakti Prasad

Director - Hunsur Krishnamurthy

Producer -

Music Director - M.Rangarao

"Sri Nanjundeshwara Mahime"

Bhayankara Bhasmasura

Co - Artist - Ashok - Manjula

Director -C. S. Rao

Producer -

Music Director - M.Rangarao

"Bhayankara Bhasmasura"

Havu Yeni Ata

Co - Artist - Ananthnag, Arati, Suresh Hebblikar

Director - V.R.K.Prasad

Producer -

Music Director - Vijaya Bhaskar

"Haavu - Yeni -Aata" - Ananthnag , Arathi in the lead role. Psudo witch craftman's role played by Udayji's.

Lakshmi Kataksha

Co - Artist - Arati,Kalyankumar, Rajeev

Director - Boyana Subbarao

Producer -

Music Director - Sathyam

"Lakshmi Kataksha" - Socio fantasy film . Kalyanji - Arathi, Rajeev in key roles - A priest - Father of heroine character. Soft and a melidrama character played by Udayji.

Maga Maharaju(TELUGU)

Co - Artist - Chiranjeevi, Suhasini, Annapurna

Director - Vijaya Bapineedu

Producer - Shyam Prasad Arts

Music Director - Chakravarthi

"Maga Mahaaraju " 2nd innings in Telugu Screen. Mega Star Chiranjeevi as Uday's son. - Hero. A superhit movie. Telugu Spectatioins compared him with Late S.V.Ranga Rao - Saha. ..Annapurne was in the cast.


Maryade Mahalu

Co - Artist - Ramakrishna , Chandrashekar, Kanchana

Director - A. V. Sheshgiri Rao

Producer - Sathyanarayana

Music Director - M.Rangarao

"Maryade Mahalu" Lead role of a Jamindaar giving more importance for Prestige and degnity. Ramakrishna as the son and Kanchana paired with Udayji.

Ganda Berunda

Co - Artist - Ambaresh, Lakshmi Jayamala, Shankar Nag, Vajramuni, Srinath

Director - Rajendra Singh Babu

Producer -Vajra Muneshwara Combines

Music Director - Sathyam

"Ganda Berunda" - A guest appearance as Tribal chief in a multistarer action film. An holywood level technical film inspired by Meccanna's gold directed by Rajendra Singh Babu. Shankarnag, Ambarish, Srinath were in the lead role. Lakshmi Jayamala , Vajramuni the key roles.

Police Papanna

Co - Artist - Dwarakesh, Kalyankumar, Musuri Krishnamurthy

Director - Dasari Narayana Rao

Producer - Dwarakesh Chitra

Music Director - G.V.Raghavulu

"Police Papanna" - Kalyan - Uday- Dwarakesh starer Cinema. Dasari Narayana Rao, Popular Telugu director directed the film in Dwarakesh Banner.

Agni Gundam (Telugu)

Co - Artist - Chiranjeevi, Sumalatha, Sujatha

Director - Kranthi Kumar

Producer - Kranthikumar Productions

Music Director - Chakravarthi

"Agnigundam" - One more super hit Chiranjeevi Starer Telugu film as father & son Uday and Chiranjeevi had couple of emotional scenes.

Hero (Telugu)

Co - Artist - Chiranjeevi, Radhika, Ravu Gopala Rao

Director - Vijaya Bapineedu

Producer - Shyam Prasad Movies

Music Director - Chakravarthi

"Hero" Telugu Mass Entertainer Chiranjeevi Block buster . Udayji played eldest brother family head role. With Annapurna as his pair Radhika, Rao Gopal Rao, Allu Ramalingaiayh in other key role.

Maa Nagaramlo Mayagadu (Telugu)

Co - Artist - Chiranjeevi, VijayaShanthi, AlluRamalingaiah

Director - Vijaya Bapineedu

Producer - Shyam Prasad Movies

Music Director - Chakravarthi

"Maa Nagaramlo Mayagaadu" - Telugu Chiranjeevi Starter superhit Telugu film. A Police Commissioner. Father of Sangeetha a key role in the film. Vijaya shankar, Allu Ramalingaiah, Sharath babu in other key roles.

Bharyamani (Telugu)

Co - Artist - Shoban Babu, Jayasudha, Annapurna

Director - Vijaya Bapineedu

Producer -

Music Director - S.P.Bala Subramanyam

"Barya mani" - Elder brother family head of Hero Shoban Babu. A Police Inspector fighting against his own brother who was other side of justice. Jayasudha leading lady. Annapurna as Udayji's pair. Nuthan Prasad, Alluramalingaiah in the cast.


Pita Maha

Co - Artist - Rajesh, Ravichandran, Vijayalakshmi Singh, Sundar Krishna Urs

Director - K.S.L.Swamy

Producer - Mahatma Pictures

Music Director - M.Ranga Rao

"Pitha Maha" - The last film released in December 2nd week 1985. When Udayji was alive. Remake of of Hindi super hit film "Vidhatha" . Rajesh played Dilip Kumar's role Shammikapoor character was played by udayji. Ravichandran was in the leading with Vijaylakshmi Singh as his pair. Sundhara Krishna Urs, Jai Jagadish in the other cast.

Varna Sankara

Co - Artist - Jayanthi

Director -

Producer -

Music Director -

"Varna Sankara" - Jayanthi in the lead role. Post production and release after the demisal of Kalakesari.

Varna Chakra

Co - Artist - Ananth nag, Arathi, Sundar Krishna Urs

Director -

Producer -

Music Director -

"Varna Chakra" - Ananthnag as hero. A Villain Character played Uday got completed post Production after his demise.

Chattalu Sarididhali (Telugu)

Co - Artist - Suman, Suhasini

Director -

Producer -

Music Director -

"Chattalu Sarididdali" - Telugu mass film.Suman as the Hero . Police officer's character supporting the hero in his difficult days.

Vish Kanya (Telugu)

Co - Artist - Narasimharaju, Jayamalini, Silk Smitha, Nutan Prasad

Director - Ravi Teja

Producer -

Music Director -

"Vishakanya" - Folk.. Films - Character of a witchcraft man Keyrole of the film. Silk Smitha in the title role. Jayamalini , Jyothi Lakshmi, Disco Shanthi were in other roles. Narasimharaju in the lead role. The performance of Udayji was compared and praised vetterner. S.V.Ranga Rao Pathala Bhairavi performance.